Samsung's journey called "Tizen OS" has officially ended after 6 years. This is the operating system exclusively for its products with a smooth optimized interface.

Tizen OS is officially dead from 2022

Samsung killed Tizen OS, the 6-year journey officially ended

Samsung officially launched the Tizen OS platform in 2015 to improve the interface and operability. However, this operating system only accounts for a very small share of the market because Android and iOS are too dominant. Tizen OS is an operating system with open source code based on Linux, which the company integrates on many products such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and smartwatches.

However, after December 31, 2021, Samsung will officially "close" the Tizen application store called Tizen App Store. So from 01/01/2022 users can no longer access it. From June 2021, the company has not allowed users to register new accounts on Tizen OS. Those who have registered and downloaded the application before will still receive service support.

This also means that Samsung Z Series devices will no longer be able to download other apps. Existing Tizen OS users should switch to devices with more sustainable platforms like Android or iOS.

The most recent smartphone device equipped with TizenOS operating system was launched a long time ago, specifically in 2017. Those products are called Samsung Z4, Galaxy Watch 3…