Future Ford models could change not only the engine, switching from thermal to electric, but also the type of headlights.
It would seem that the current classic headlights need an upgrade, one that proves the technological advance in the industry. These days, Ford is testing headlights capable of projecting various information received from the navigation system onto the asphalt. On the road, drivers will be able to see road signs, pedestrian crossings (even in those areas where they are deleted), bicycle routes, speed limits and much more.
An interesting idea is related to the projection on the asphalt of some signs closely related to the weather outside. For example, if it is winter and snowing outside or it has snowed before and the road is at risk of being covered with ice, the driver will be able to see a snowflake projected on the asphalt as a warning.

The system tested by Ford these days is not something new in the industry, Mercedes-Benz uses something similar on the latest generation cars. The technology patented by the Germans is commercially called Digital Light and is already used in those countries where the legislation allows.